Laura Schy
June 19, 2013

Lisa Wojo is truly a dedicated and professional trainer. I worked with her for several years at a gym near my office. She never takes her eyes off her clients during their workouts. She constantly monitors form and alignment, unlike many of the trainers who are on phones and watching the TV’s in the gym.

Her number one goal is fitness without injury and she has studied human movement to that end. With emphasis on keeping the spine protected, Lisa makes sure that the workout is cautious as well as challenging.

I’m in the travel business, and Lisa Wojo is the Four Seasons of personal trainers. So dedicated and so caring. I would recommend her without an ounce of hesitation.

John C., Calabasas, CA


I am a 60 year old long-time runner whose body eventually broke down. While training at my gym, I came across Lisa, who casually provided me with a tip on an exercise which I found to be extremely helpful. I had experienced serious adductor pain, as well as knee problems, which prevented me from running. I decided to start training with Lisa and it changed my life. She worked on strengthening my core by exercising muscles I didn’t know I had. This new found awareness has invigorated me and allowed me to run competitively again. I highly recommend Lisa and will be forever grateful.

Susan Janneck
January 15, 2015

I have trained with Lisa for many years and have learned very valuable information about my body and core and how everything interacts. I sit at a desk all day and her training has enabled me to continue to do so with minimum ill effects of all of the computer work I subject my body to. I use her techniques whether at my desk, on the golf course, taking a walk or just driving around doing errands. Posture is key as well as the strengthening all of this core work gives me to maneuver thru everyday life. I fractured my arm severely at one time and after physical therapy was over, I continued training with Lisa to increase my range of motion and strength in the affected arm. Lisa will give you her full attention. No gazing at the TV or her phone while she is working with you, she is a dedicated professional.

Consuelo Bingham Mira, Los Angeles, CA
Jun 11, 2015

When I came to Lisa Wojciechowski I could barely walk or sit without excruciating pain. I was due to fly to Europe (12-hour flight) to do a week long workshop that demanded peak fitness of body, mind and spirit. Cancellation was out! I was introduced to neutral spine exercise with a focus on spinal stabilization by working on my core. Life-long yoga, dance, and athletics contributed to the wear and tear of my deteriorated L4 and L5 spinal discs. The expert training that I received from Lisa brought me to a relatively pain-free zone after the first session far surpassing many other methods that I used to correct my lower back. I followed her regimen and not only strengthened my core but improved my spinal stability. I have continued to use this daily training regimen and am currently healthier and stronger than ever. Training with Lisa has helped improve my ability to function and the quality of my life!

ShaRon B., Los Angeles, CA


I recently hurt my back when I was doing cross fit. I heard about Lisa Wojciechowski from a friend who swears by her Neutral Spine and Core Stabilization methods for back pain management and prevention. I made an appointment with Lisa and worked with her on my back using her Back2Core Method and my back and core is stronger than ever. My back pain is gone and I have never felt better. The things I learned while working with Back 2 Core Training has changed my entire perspective about working out and I now have the best posture ever!
I highly recommend anyone who wants to improve their core strength, has any back pain whatsoever or suffers from neck or shoulder pain to schedule an appointment. This method of training will change your life!




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